Grow your site traffic and revenue with Push Notifications for all platforms

Re-engage customers and drive them back to your website on mobile, desktop and tablets.

Why Your Business Needs Signaly?

  1. Easy to implement

    Add just one line of code to your site and visitors will immediately see your subscription request.

  2. Engagement

    Web push notifications keep your users updated about new content additions.

  3. Triggered Campaigns

    Send push notifications through your personal account or set up automatic messages when your goals are met.

  4. Perfect for every business

    With features suitable for media businesses, publishers and e-commerce websites, we make sure your objectives are reached.

Perfect For Media Business & Publishers

  1. The news notifications your users deserve
    Your readers will always access the most important news and events instantly.
  2. Build Repeat Traffic
    Signaly helps attract an extra audience and keeps your public engaged with relevant notifications, driving consistent repeat traffic.
  3. Monetize your Subscribers
    Get extra revenue while fascinating your users with engaging and contextual native ads.

Perfect For Advertisers

  1. Bot-free traffic
    Users that agree to receive your website’s notifications are a guarantee that real “human” users are engaged.
  2. Higher Retention
    Remind your existing users of products or services. It’s been proved that regularly sent notifications increase the retention rate by 20%.
  3. Exceptional Reach And Performance
    Your message appears right on the user’s mobile or browser, ensuring maximum viewability and a very high Click-Through Rate (CTR).
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